Ernie Kester's Pioneertown Museum

Ernie Kester’s Pioneertown Museum was a dream of long time resident and businessman, Ernie ┬áKester.

Ernie and his wife Carol owned and operated the Pioneertown Motel for several years. Ernie became both a local and worldwide Pioneertown Historian and resource. He was the “go to” person not just for local knowledge of Pioneertown but his vast, detailed and factual knowledge and stories covered everything about those involved in making western movies in Pioneertown. He always made time to share his knowledge of all things western and his love for Pioneertown.

He loved performing and earned recognition for his acting and technical support with Alice and Friends and The Last Posse. Enie also had a role in the 1995 production of the 7th and last Howling series, New Moon Rising, filmed in Pioneertown.

Ernie Also helped fund, write and direct skits build and repair sets and props and organized two western reenactors groups for Pioneertown.

The Friends of Pioneertown are proud to to display his collection of Pioneertown movie memorabilia and continue his legacy of providing information to the visiting public.

Visiting the Museum

Staffed by volunteers, Ernie Kester’s Pioneertown Museum is open most Saturdays and Sundays, and is located on Historic Mane Street, in Pioneertown, California.