About Us

Organized and operated by Pioneertown residents, The Friends of Pioneertown is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization that works to revitalize the community and town by honoring and promoting Pioneertown’s historic significance as a unique and unusual part of the American story.

What we do

  • Curates, collects and protects Pioneertown’s history
  • Organizes events to foster community, facilitate discussion, and raise funds for community benefit projects
  • Coordinates with County authorities to ensure that the concerns and interests of Pioneertown residents and stakeholders are heard
  • Facilitates and advocates for the preservation of historic Pioneertown structures
  • Assists the community augment and maintain necessary infrastructure
  • Organizes and supports community beautification and celebration events, such as the Mane Street holiday lights, Pioneertown Christmas potluck, trash pick ups and invasive plant removals

Support the Friends of Pioneertown as we celebrate and protect Pioneertown's complex and entirely unique history.